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Rock and Roll Baby Names

A New Book from Margaret Eby

Everything an expectant music-lover needs to know about the lyrics, band trivia, and other rock-and-roll factoids linked to thousands of popular baby names.

What do we know about Caroline? Neil Diamond says she’s sweet and The Beach Boys say she prefers short hair when she’s older. And what about guys named Victor? Prince and Blondie say Victor is possibly a saint, but also flees from the law. Offering the rock-and-roll definitions of these and dozens more popular names, the wildly popular Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby Name Dictionary post on Flavorwire drew over fifty thousand hits days after it was launched. Now its creator, pop culture writer Margaret Eby, rolls out the complete encyclopedia, from Alison to Ziggy and everyone in between.

About Margaret Eby

Margaret Eby is a pop culture writer and former college DJ whose work has appeared in Salon, Slate, The Los Angeles Times, The Paris Review online, and Bookforum, among other publications. She is a regular contributor to The A.V. Club and Flavorwire. Raised in Alabama, she now lives in Brooklyn. You can find her on twitter and read more of her work here.

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We’re keeping some pretty good company in the press, lately. For example, there’s a review of Rock and Roll Baby Names alongside the new memoirs from Loretta Lynn and Carole King on Vanity Fair’s book review page.

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